general conference

today was the 181th annual general conference of the church of JesusChrist of latter-day saints and i was able watch both sessions of conference today and tomorrow i will watch both sessions with family i hope that is all for today



i won

I guess a princess has wishes that do come true I have won the grande prize  for Faithfule Creations  blog hop. I am so happy and I feel bad that I said I would give what i didn’t like away but i like it all..that makes it sound really bad.

the lates

so i have not been on the computer in a while so here’s what’s up i am going on a field trip and  so not interested in that but my mom is taking my sis and her bff so i am going to hang out with my mom and my brother is not coming with us please stay tuned in for info on a blog hop i am going to do see you soon

what’s up with me

I have been watching movies with my family today. We first watched a Narnia marathon and though watching all the movies, we talked about the parts that went with something we believed in there was a lot. The thing I realized was after all  I have been though my family is the most important thing I’ve got.

For the love of cinder

Ella that is…and she is my favorite Disney Princess…of course you may have figured that out by my blog background right?

have loved her forever. i can not remember when i first started to like her. i told my mom i wanted to go to Disneyland just to see Cinderella. but she laughed and said ” get a job”. so for my first card i did Cinderella. the picture of  Cinderella is a part  of a stamp set i got for my birthday. it has a blue marker outline and color pencils are used to color it in. i got the Cinderella paper and shimery blue paper  from my Joann’s

bloging for hope

one of  my crafting friends at Faithfule Creations   is doing a blog hop for the Bradly angle house. so i am doing the hop. the cards and donations r nice so many people are supporting this hop so i decided to support it to. i have given four dollars and a card  please come and check it out if you haven’t already

thank you for visiting my blog today